If you're building Web3 applications on Hedera, you need a strategic infrastructure partner to power your access to the Hedera Ledger’s data layer.

Case Studies

Here are 3 of our customers using Inquire to power their applications on the Hedera Hashgraph


Hashpack is a Chrome extension and browser-based crypto wallet built for dApps, DeFi and NFTs and is powered by the most sustainable public network – Hedera Hashgraph.

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NFT Marketplace

Hash Axis is a digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) powered by the Hedera Hashgraph. An NFT Marketplace is a platform where NFTs can be stored, displayed, traded and in some cases minted (created).

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HSuite is a new powerful and agile DeFi Tool. They aim to enhance the Hedera Network by building ground-breaking DeFi applications and utilizing the innovative Smart-Node Technology. The platform will support Initial Token Offerings and a range of other services.

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LWorks Product Suite.


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Data-Search-as-a-Service (DSaaS)

Our core data access platform providing an enhanced Mirror Service enabling a scalable, high availability set of API endpoints for accessing all Hedera ledger data.

Our mirror REST API provides developers and organizations with the ability to search account, transaction, NFT, balance and other DLT data efficiently and effectively through native support of Hedera’s RESTFull Mirror API. We also will provide extended search interfaces (GraphQL) as well as extensions to allow compound searching (e.g. multiple accounts information in a single call).

Our mirror search service removes the need for you to create and maintain production level robust and responsive indexing infrastructure on your own, allowing you to focus on what is most critical - building features to support your Web3 Applications.

Key Benefits

Enterprise grade scalability, performance, and reliability

You have the ability to query the entire history of transactions on the network, easily filter to what you are most interested in and provide that data back in a format most appropriate for your unique use case.

Flexible Search Interfaces

With the support of GraphQL, you will have multiple ways to interrogate the distributed ledger, giving you unmatched flexibility to get the data you need (and only the data you need).

Key Use Cases

  1. Transaction finality validation
  2. Filterable list of account information
  3. Performing account audits


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Data-Notification-as-a-Service (DNaaS)

Providing a comprehensive registration capability to receive real-time notifications relating to activity on the Hedera Ledger

Our Sentinel DNaaS Allows you to receive real-time notifications for your application's users based on what they care most about… key account updates and transaction activity.  Sentinel supports webhooks, websockets with the ability to subscribe to topics allowing easy creation of notification streams for in-app or downstream processing without costly build and maintenance of production level infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • Dramatically improve user experience by providing real-time notifications of account activity.
  • No need to build redundant Polling of the Mirror or custom notification infrastructure into your own application stack, allowing you to deliver products and feature updates to market more quickly.

Key Use Cases

Remove your reliance on polling and improve your user’s experience in any app by providing notifications of account activity including balance changes, NFT acquisitions or sales, and a host of other critical account changes.

Eco Connect

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Sustainability API

Our sustainability data moat powers our Eco Connect sustainability APIs. Our API allows interested stakeholders direct access to aggregated and query optimized sustainability data about Guardian standard registries, policies, tokens, verifiable credentials, and verifiable presentations.  All of this data is captured from the ledger in near real-time, filtered, parsed, and then made available in a standards-based way via REST APIs. To see the API outputs in action, visit our Eco Explore sustainability asset search engine. For a deeper look into how we're helping to bring the balance sheet of the planet to the public ledger, visit our Eco page.

Leveraging our Sentinel platform, we also provide real-time callbacks upon sustainability data changes, whether it’s the minting of new tokens, that represent GHG emissions or carbon offsets, or changes to existing tokens through transfer or burning.  Automated regression market makers and other interested parties can subscribe to these notifications using a simple REST API to ensure that the most recent activity will be incorporated into their ongoing pricing analysis.

Key Benefits

Key Use Cases


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Ledger Search Engine

Explore Hedera's Mainnet and Testnet networks with our browser-based search engine. Our Explore product allows you to easily search for transactions, tokens, accounts, contracts, topics, and nodes. You can also drill into NFTs and see their decoded metadata, including images.

This product also includes Eco Explore. Anyone interested in sustainability data on the Hedera ledger can use our Eco Explore browser to navigate through Guardian data, including Standard Registries, Policies, and tokens representing GHG emissions or carbon offsets.Using the Eco Explore search, you can drill down into the lineage of each offset token and view information relating to the project that generated the token (e.g. project design document, methodology, verification report, project location, project developer information, among others).

Key Benefits

Key Use Cases