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Your Bank and Credit Card Accounts provide you activity monitoring and fraud protection. Demand the same from your Crypto Accounts, with Sentry’s real time notification services.

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The rise of cryptocurrency has seen a corresponding rise in the need for efficient crypto account monitoring and protection.

As with any other form of financial asset, it is important to monitor your crypto account to ensure that your investments remain secure. Just as you would monitor your bank account for suspicious activity, you should also be monitoring your crypto account for any irregularities, unanticipated account activity or theft.


Get started today with Sentry, providing real time activity monitoring and fraud alerts for your crypto accounts.

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Are you a Wallet provider or a DeFi application and want to integrate monitoring and protection for your customers? Learn about our Enterprise offering Sentinel

May Chan.
“As the leading wallet in the Hedera ecosystem, we need fast and reliable services to access data on the ledger. Whether it's for NFTs, staking or DeFi this data is critical for a great user experience. LWorks' search services provide us with the mission critical data services we need.”

— May Chan, CEO

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