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Unleash DeFi Risk Management

Protect DeFi protocols with LWorks real-time market surveillance

Integrated cyber, operational and financial risk management • Real-time computational rules • Continuous execution of deterministic and simulation models


Partnering with DeFi companies to operationalize next generation risk management

Don't settle for uncertainty – arm yourself with the right knowledge and tools to maximize financial performance.

Turn risk into a competitive advantage

As DeFi continues to rapidly evolve, companies with the most effective methods to manage risk will deliver the most innovative products and win in the marketshare.

By partnering with LWorks, DeFi companies access unrivaled risk intelligence.

Access best-in-class tools and techniques

  • Deliver actionable insights
  • Inform risk mitigation strategies
  • Power market surveillance
  • Continuous calibration and enhancement

Risk Management and Compliance Software-as-a-Service

Our risk management platform offers unparalleled insights, actionable management strategies, and continuous market surveillance.


We ingest, extract, and analyze a vast array of metrics by decomposing every transaction on multiple chains, ensuring we have a comprehensive understanding of what's happening in real time.


With our powerful modeling and runtime anomaly detection algorithms, we can quickly identify any unusual activity or irregular patterns, providing you with invaluable insights and actionable intelligence tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and in control.


Our market surveillance drives continuous insights, combined with our real-time eventing system to empower you to identify, assess and respond. Driving a next generation of decisive action, and automatic responses.


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How Our Risk Management
Platform Works

Observability and real-time eventing at-scale

We extract metrics from every transaction on each supported chain, providing valuable insights into the flow of assets through smart contracts and related activity. Our powerful rules engine and models leverage this data to create customizable rules and triggers based on specific metrics, driving deeper insights, more effective mitigation strategies, and faster response to market changes.



We ingest all data on multiple chains in


We extract metrics from each transaction, which we use to power our Rules Engine

Boolean rules

This Smart Contract has known ABI file

Add Thresholds

This Transaction Amount is over 0.50 ETH

Evaluate over time

This address’s Balance has fallen over 40% within 15 min

Bring in off-chain data

This To Address has interacted with an address on the OFAC Sanctions List and is tagged as an exploiter on Etherscan

Detect anomalies

This From Address has transferred significantly more USDC than 99% of all other addresses in the past hour


In our Rules Engine and Models, we evaluate key metrics over time

Our platform drives more effective risk management through broader detection, more effective prediction and faster response. Time series data drives anomaly detection and perpetual batch model processing drives actionable market surveillance.

Integration of on-chain and off-chain data further enhances the effectiveness of risk management analytics. Providing a more comprehensive approach to risk monitoring and analysis.


If a model or rule fires an insight, we’ll notify you, or trigger a custom action

Our platform is built to handle complex rulesets at scale, and can be configured to fire alerts to any channel you choose, or trigger a webhook to perform automated actions, like circuit breaking.  Accelerate response to financial, operational and cyber risks.

Circuit Breaking Demo

Fire webhook to trigger circuit breaking


Post in #alerts channel


Trigger token activity discord bot


Send an email digest of activity

We ingest multiple chains in our ingestion pipelines, which then stream to our Risk Parameters and Rules Engine. Our Rules Engine pushes new events to our Notification System and any Visualizations.

Use Cases

As a DeFi Lending Protocol

DeFi Lending Financial Risk

LWorks DeFi Lending Financial Risk Management leverages computational rules, deterministic and simulation models together to establish a set of continuously monitored Risk Parameters for target digital assets.

As a DeFi Staking Protocol

DeFi Liquid Staking Financial Risk

LWorks DeFi Lending Liquid Staking Risk Management leverages computational rules and deterministic models to establish risk parameters for sufficient liquidity

As a Developer of Web3 applications

Web3 Monitoring with Stream Rules

Apply activity monitoring rules to your DeFi activities to reduce reliance on Dapp polling, and to generally accelerate your performance and market awareness

As a DeFi Protocol

DeFi Protocols Cyber and Operational Risk Management

LWorks DeFi Protocols Cyber and Operational Risk Management leverages computational rules including real-time analytics controls as well as time-series  driven anomaly detection controls

As an investor/consumer

Address Monitoring with Sentry

Stay on top of your web3 activity with Sentry Notifications! Get instant alerts whenever there is activity on an address of your choice, so you can take action quickly. No more worrying about missing out on important changes - Sentry has you covered!

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As a sustainability market participant

Carbon Markets Surveillance with Eco Connect

Leveraging our analytics platform, our sustainability data drives our Eco Connect APIs. LedgerWorks <> HBAR Foundation address the most critical issues in voluntary carbon markets today by providing sustainability asset discoverability.

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