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Cyberscope & Ledger Works partner to deliver full life-cycle risk management for Web3

May 30, 2024


Ledger Works <> Cyberscope

David Melnick,

Thanos Tsavlis,


Now, more than ever, Web3 business require comprehensive risk management to elevate trust and meet the emerging regulatory requirements of blockchain technologies

With this in mind, Cyberscope, Smart Contract Audits, is partnering with Ledger Works (“LWorks”) RiskOps-as-a-Service to provide comprehensive life-cycle risk management capabilities to address the development, launch and operations of Web3 businesses

Cybersocpe, provides leading blockchain security having completed over 1800 Smart Contract Audits protecting over $1B in assets. As one of the leading and recognised audit authorities in the crypto space. Its audits are recognised from launchpads, Coinmarketcap and Coingecko and can earn a badge for your project. The audit service guarantees to build trust and recognition for your project. It will improve your smart contract security and will be the main building block for all your marketing efforts.

LWorks RiskOps-as-a-Service further supports Web3 businesses protection and growth with comprehensive operational risk management unlocking the power of risk management, with our advanced real-time data analytics and financial modeling controls to manage their ongoing financial, regulatory, operations & security risks

LWorks RiskOps-as-a-Service builds on Cyberscope’s services, delivering operational risk management services that combine cyber, operational, and financial risk controls into a unified dashboard with real-time computational models and rules that enable continuous market surveillance for market-wide and protocol-specific risks. Both safeguarding and optimizing Web3 business operations

Thanos Tsavlis, CEO of Cyberscope, states:

"Our commitment at Cyberscope has always been to ensure a safe environment for investors and developers in the Web3.0 ecosystem. Partnering with Risk Management providers amplifies our mission and allows us to extend our protection more fully throughout the life-cycle of our customers business operations”

David Melnick, the CEO of Ledger Works, added:

“The Ledger Works team is excited to collaborate with Cyberscope whose innovation and professionalism align perfectly with our team’s approach to Risk Management. By combining their audit and security experience with our comprehensive risk management solution, we can deliver a world-class offering to our customers”

About Ledger Works

Ledger Works partners with Web3 companies to operationalize next-generation risk management solutions. By leveraging real-time computational rules, continuous execution of deterministic and simulation models, and real-time market surveillance, Ledger Works empowers businesses to turn risk into a competitive advantage. 

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David Melnick,

About Cyberscope

Cyberscope is a leading blockchain security firm with the vision of making web3.0 a safer place for investors and developers. It specializes in Smart Contract Audits and has a rich portfolio including projects like Defi Kingdoms, Apeswap, Origin Protocol, and many more. Cyberscope is the go-to firm for many looking to secure their investments and developments.

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Thanos Tsavlis,