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Varys Capital and ThreePointZero Ventures lead $1,075,000 investment in Ledger Works

May 28, 2024

Varys Capital and ThreePointZero Ventures lead $1,075,000 investment in Ledger Works

May 28th, 2024 at 9:00am

Now, more than ever, Web3 businesses require comprehensive risk management to elevate trust and meet the emerging regulatory requirements of blockchain technologies

With this in mind, Varys Capital and ThreePointZero Ventures have led an investment in Ledger Works (“LWorks”) RiskOps-as-a-Service to unlock the power of Web3 with Proactive Risk Management

LWorks RiskOps-as-a-Service supports Web3 businesses' protection and growth with their advanced real-time data analytics and financial modeling controls to manage their ongoing financial, regulatory, operations & security risks

LWorks delivers operational risk management services that combine cyber, operational, regulatory and financial risk controls into a unified dashboard with real-time computational models and rules that enable continuous market-wide and protocol-specific surveillance. Both safeguarding and optimizing Web3 business operations

Darius Askaripour, from Varys Capital, states:

 “Through our investment in LWorks, we accelerate Ledger Works market leading risk management to support Web3 companies with sophisticated risk analytics and modeling capabilities”

Dr. Omer Demirel, from ThreePointZero Ventures, remarks:

 “LWorks innovates within the crucial intersection of OpSec and risk management for Web3 companies and excels in providing state-of-the-art, data-driven solutions to them. We are very excited to be supporting LWorks on its exciting journey for many years to come”

David Melnick, the CEO of Ledger Works, added:

“The Ledger Works team is excited to add ThreePointZero Ventures and Varys Capital to our team. Their market insight and data analytics experience will improve our product offering and help us deliver a world-class offering to our customers”

About Ledger Works

Ledger Works helps our customers focus on growing their Web3 business while we run their Risk Operations. Today more than ever, our customers’ success requires effective Risk Management. As their strategic risk partner, we protect our customers’ business operations and leverage advanced models to help them optimize financial performance. By leveraging real-time computational rules, continuous execution of deterministic and simulation models, and real-time market surveillance, Ledger Works empowers businesses to turn risk into a competitive advantage. For more information, visit: Contact

About Varys Capital

Varys Capital is a global, multi-strategy digital asset fund and market-maker that invests in and supports early-stage and growth-stage companies building blockchain-enabled businesses. Varys Capital was established in 2018 and is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Bangkok, Thailand. Twitter | Linkedin For more information, visit: https://varys.capita | Contact 

About ThreePointZero Ventures

ThreePointZero Ventures is a new VC Fund emerging from stealth after its first raise. Taking full advantage of their diverse and deep ecosystem connections, ThreePointZero's principals are active advisors and investors in early-stage Web3 companies, supporting portfolio companies from ideation to growth.Twitter For more information, visit:  | Contact