Discover Eco Data on Hedera with Ledger Works' Eco Connect and Eco Explore

November 7, 2022

By James Levingston

Hedera’s low transactional cost and high network speed have attracted many global sustainability participants. As a result, the corporate sustainability community is migrating to Hedera, and the Guardian, as a way to invest in a carbon neutral future.

The Guardian is an open-source distributed tool (built by the fine folks at Envision Blockchain) that assists in the creation, validation, and authentication of sustainability assets on the distributed ledger. As you can imagine, many carbon market participants need access to Guardian produced data to understand which carbon offset or emissions tokens are credible and, therefore, which to invest in.

Unlike traditional registries, the ledger makes data fragmentation possible. And thus, Guardian data is distributed in chunks across the ledger making discovery and mining arduous.

At Ledger Works, we partnered with the HBAR Foundation to solve those problems for carbon offset markets and bring access to Guardian data to carbon market participants at scale.

We collect the chunks in real-time, fetch the off ledger data, run the algos, and stitch it together. It’s then made available through our PaaS we dubbed Eco Connect. We’ve leveraged our Sentinel product which gives us the real-time rule capabilities to get there, making Eco Connect the premier Re-Fi offering on Hedera.

Another way to find Eco data is to use Ledger Works’ Eco Explore. This tool is a natural extension to our standard Hedera Mirror Node capabilities that give the user the ability to simply search, discover, and walk through Eco data as it relates to the ledger. This gives you the complete picture of a sustainability asset token without having to go through Eco Connect.

Check out this awesome video on Eco Explore to learn more about it and if you’d like an overview to both Eco Explore and Eco connect you can check out this video.

We’ve made Eco Connect and Eco Explore accessible to the public. To use Eco Connect for your next project, simply create a login and access key to Testnet or Mainnet. Then, to get started, follow our documentation on how to use Eco Connect.